Kevin/Ross Welcomes Totally Kids

We are thrilled to welcome Totally Kids to our family of clients. Serving children and their families for nearly 50 years, Totally Kids offers a full array of resources for children recovering from physical or surgical trauma, or those dependent on technology, through a portfolio of acclaimed programs that includes acute pediatric rehabilitation, pediatric subacute care, [...]

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5 Reasons Why Crisis Communications Fail

It’s not a matter of if, but when. All organizations spanning all business sectors face the reality of crisis. Privately held mom-and-pop shops, publicly held conglomerates and nonprofit foundations should all share equally in this concern. None are immune. Whether act of God or act of Man, a crisis will hit and, by its very [...]

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KRPR Double Winner in International MarCom Awards Competition

We are thrilled to announce that Kevin/Ross Public Relations has garnered two awards for writing excellence from the international MarCom Awards competition. Our agency was cited for excellence while competing against more than 6,500 entries from the United States and several foreign countries. For work done on behalf of OneLegacy and its Chief Executive Officer Tom [...]

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Here Comes October!

Baseball takes center stage in this month's Kevin/Ross e-newsletter. And why not? October is right around the corner, and we have baseball on our minds. Sure, it's partially because we are true blue Dodger fans looking forward to the postseason with high hopes and baited breath. But there's another reason. Recently we've had several opportunities to combine [...]

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