Public Relations Perspective Helps Boards of Directors be Successful

Boards of directors are a curious lot. Some are comprised of investors who administer with short-term vision, accountable to shareholders’ quarterly earnings. Some serve in strictly an advisory capacity to a parent company that retains ultimate power. Some organizations have boards comprised of publicly elected officials who govern in accordance with district, city or county [...]

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Kevin/Ross Public Relations Garners Five Awards for Excellence in International MarCom Awards Competition

Kevin/Ross Public Relations has been honored with five awards in the international MarCom Awards competition, just announced. The agency was cited for excellence in multiple creative and writing categories while competing against more than 6,500 entries from the United States and several foreign countries. Kevin/Ross earned three creative awards for work it did this year [...]

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Five Issues Health Care PR Folks Aren’t Talking About (But Should Be)

It has been said that all motion is relative. If that is indeed true, then it’s entirely possible to go backwards by simply standing still if the world around you is changing. Over the past half-dozen years, those entrusted with health care communications have pushed forward by focusing a good deal of energy on creative [...]

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The Only Two Questions You Need to Ask to Assess Customer Satisfaction

We sure tend to make life complicated. "Simplify, simplify" is one of the most famous sentences from Thoreau's Walden, but we just can’t seem to get the message – in life, in business, with family, with friends. Nowhere is this more evident than in the business world of customer surveys. Cascades of questions where answers [...]

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