Kevin/Ross Welcomes Trilliant Health

We are thrilled to welcome Trilliant Health to our family of clients. Trilliant Health is the parent of a group of healthcare technology, data and marketing companies focused on making hospitals stronger by delivering prescriptions for growth to increase a hospital’s market share through intelligent patient acquisition. By combining best-in-class software applications with a data-integration [...]

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Hospital executives: Time to check your PR IQ

The world of healthcare communications is changing, yet the fundamental things apply as time goes by. In this article published in Becker's Hospital Review, KRPR President Ross Goldberg presents nine questions for hospital executives to ponder. Are the answers true? Or false? Read the full article here.

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Kevin/Ross Welcomes Totally Kids

We are thrilled to welcome Totally Kids to our family of clients. Serving children and their families for nearly 50 years, Totally Kids offers a full array of resources for children recovering from physical or surgical trauma, or those dependent on technology, through a portfolio of acclaimed programs that includes acute pediatric rehabilitation, pediatric subacute care, [...]

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5 Reasons Why Crisis Communications Fail

It’s not a matter of if, but when. All organizations spanning all business sectors face the reality of crisis. Privately held mom-and-pop shops, publicly held conglomerates and nonprofit foundations should all share equally in this concern. None are immune. Whether act of God or act of Man, a crisis will hit and, by its very [...]

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