(WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA – October 17, 2012) – In this era of 24/7 news cycles and the continuing emergence of new outlets that influence public opinion, working with the media has never been more important to America’s businesses and their leadership. With that in mind, Kevin/Ross Public Relations has created a handy pocket guide filled with 25 tips to help organizations big and small better navigate the challenges of media interviews.

“While every reporter, every interview and every situation is different, there are some basics to follow that will greatly help an organization effectively tell its story,” says Ross Goldberg, founder and president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations. “We have taken the best of what we’ve learned from arranging thousands of interviews over 35 years and put them into simple tips that anyone can use.”

According to Goldberg, the likelihood of a successful interview begins with simple preparation and remembering the words of John Wooden: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Goldberg said that starts with determining beforehand the three or four most important points you most want to make and then making sure that you say them at every opportunity. He also believes that preparation means making sure that you are doing the interview at a time and location that are convenient and comfortable.

“While being respectful of the media’s deadlines, it is important to control the setting whenever possible and to make sure that you are comfortable, prepared and positive about the interview,” Goldberg says. “Your body language and overall demeanor will come across, even on the phone.”

Among the 25 other tips Kevin/Ross provides are:

  • Avoid industry jargon.
  • Take the initiative to bring up things you believe are important.
  • Give brief but adequate answers.
  • Remember that you are always “on the record.”

The Kevin/Ross Media Tips pocket guide is available at no cost. To obtain these useful tips, send a message via the Kevin/Ross Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kevinrosspr or call 818-597-8453, ext. 4.

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