Antelope Valley Hospital


Antelope Valley Hospital is a 420-bed district hospital located in the city of Lancaster in northern Los Angeles County. As the area’s only full-service hospital, AVH provides a full array of medical/surgical services and is the only Level II trauma center within a 50-mile radius. Despite having served the community for more than 60 years, there was a strong feeling from the board of directors that local residents were not aware of the breadth of services offered by AVH or its high-standing medical capabilities. Kevin/Ross was engaged to help address this challenge by reintroducing the hospital and its competencies to the community.


  • Launch eight-part direct mail campaign filled with factoids about the hospital’s attributes, programs and contributions to the health of the community.
  • Create a new advertising campaign highlighting the hospital’s three centers of excellence.
  • Overhaul the hospital’s website to reflect the new direction of the institution.
  • Develop a new bimonthly hospital publication directed toward diverse target audiences in the hospital’s primary and secondary service area.
  • Manage all of the hospital’s social media pages and digital communications.


  • Media coverage of the hospital and its programs are at an all-time high.
  • Community leaders are more engaged in advocating on behalf of the hospital.
  • Increased unique monthly visitors to the website.
  • Increased fans and community connections across social media platforms.
  • Eliminated lack-of-awareness concerns from the board.
Antelope Valley Hospital
Antelope Valley Hospital