There’s no better time than a new year to spell out your hopes and dreams for yourself and your fellow citizens. Call us idealists, but in 2020 we wish:
  1. Civility returns to our public discourse.
  2. Children stop being in such a rush to grow up.
  3. Celebrity is no longer confused with hero.
  4. More people learn to listen instead of just waiting to talk.
  5. Public schools reinvest in art and music programs.
  6. Businesses return to the days of live voices answering the phones.
  7. Those who have closed minds learn to also have closed mouths.
  8. The word “kindness” is heard more often.
  9. Everyone finds a way to feel useful.
  10. BBQ restaurants would give out more napkins.
  11. More people would accompany their success with humility.
  12. We could each, even as we get older, recapture a child’s sense of wonderment.
  13. We all learn how to buy low and sell high.
  14. People would value character over reputation.
  15. America would do more for our veterans.
  16. Everyone sets goals that take them to happy places.
  17. Chocolate and fried chicken are found to be healthy.
  18. The Dodgers finally win the World Series again.
  19. That the good old days prove to still be ahead.
  20. All of our lives are filled with nothing but peace, health and happiness.
Thank you for being one of our valued readers. We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.