(LOS ANGELES – December 4, 2013) ─ Ross Goldberg, founder and president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations, asserted that there is no issue that should be of greater concern to healthcare leaders than restoring the public’s trust during a presentation to members of the California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG). Drawing from a long career in healthcare communications, Goldberg explored why so many Americans have lost trust in the healthcare system and what healthcare leaders can do to restore it.

“Without trust, our messages will be neither heard nor believed; and as a result, the efficacy and integrity of the industry will be compromised,” said Goldberg. “Despite American medicine still being among the best in the world, healthcare organizations and their providers no longer hold the esteem of the public’s eye that they once did.”

During his presentation, entitled “Restoring Public Trust in Healthcare,” Goldberg outlined the four essential elements of trust – integrity, honesty, promise keeping and loyalty – noting that “The individuals we consider most trustworthy all practice these qualities without flinching, but not enough organizations can honestly say that they do so day after day.” He identified the forces that have caused the healthcare industry to see such a dramatic decline in public trust – including medical errors, ethical challenges, the rise of managed care, and the industry’s inability to simplify the process – and what healthcare leaders must do to shift the paradigm.

Goldberg is a frequent author and speaker on the subject of public trust, having shared his thoughts on this topic with state associations, boards and various healthcare organization around the country. In addition to running Kevin/Ross Public Relations, Goldberg served as chairman of the board of trustees at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Southern California, giving him a unique perspective into the issues and challenges facing healthcare today.

The California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG) is the nation’s largest professional association representing physician groups practicing in the managed care model. Its more than 150 member groups employ and/or contract with physicians who in turn provide healthcare services to approximately 13 million Californians. More than 50 percent of California’s healthcare is delivered by physicians employed by/or contracted with CAPG members. CAPG supports its members through public advocacy, educational services and collaboration with other stakeholders in California healthcare.

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