While Twitter-user growth may have slowed in the last year or so, it’s still an incredibly useful resource for most businesses.

The microblogging site logged 326 million monthly active users for the third quarter of 2018. With a large user base like that, it’s obvious why this platform is a go-to for many businesses. Twitter can help you connect with existing customers and grow your organization. Many in the C-suite are still struggling to understand the type of benefits you can expect from spending time tweeting and engaging with followers.

Here are five reasons you should consider a Twitter account for your organization, and a few other tools to use in conjunction, to take it to the next level:

  1. Exposure

Tweeting a few times a day using key hashtags that are of interest to your audience could get your brand in front of a lot of eyeballs. Even if it’s just a passing glance, you’re expanding your reach. And since it’s free, imagine how much you could be saving from traditional advertising.

Plus, when you take a deep dive into instant Twitter Analytics, you can easily see which tweets perform best and tweak your strategy accordingly. You don’t have to wait for a campaign to end to determine if something is working or not.

Now if you want to take your account to the next level, you can use a tool like RiteTag to help you identify the hashtags that will get the most traffic. A few simple searches can help you create your go-to list of hashtags to include with each tweet. Update the list every few months to stay current and stay in front of your audience.

  1. Customer Service Made Easy

Twitter is hands down the best platform to use for customer service. It’s an instant communication tool to help you connect with your audience. Big brands like Nordstrom have mastered using Twitter for customer service and are a great example to emulate.

Being able to address a customer pain point almost instantly could work wonders for your brand. But even if you don’t use Twitter to respond to customers and just use it to listen to feedback, it’s invaluable. You can correct errors when necessary and reward when it is due.

  1. Personalize Your Brand

People want to get to know the companies they shop or work with. Twitter gives you the opportunity to show a little personality. You can post behind-the-scenes pictures or talk about a day in the life in the office. Quick insights to what your business is really like can go a long way.

  1. Connect With Your Potential Audience

If you use a platform like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck in conjunction with your Twitter account you can easily “listen” to potential customers. By monitoring hashtags related to your brand and reaching out when relevant you can add new followers and hopefully new customers.

Tums is perfect example of this type of engagement. I once tweeted that I had terrible heartburn and within minutes Tums responded to my tweet with a coupon. Such an easy way to reach out and connect with someone. And now I’m a Tums user for life.

  1. Your Competition is Probably Already Doing It

You may not be on Twitter, but there’s a good chance your competition is. They might be active and already do the first four items on this list. If so, they are reaching the same audience that you could be reaching. One of the best ways to understand your competition is to check out their audience. Who are they marketing to? Is this also an audience you could be targeting? Don’t miss out on an important opportunity.

Twitter has over a couple hundred million active users on any given day. This huge number gives businesses of any size the opportunity to boost brand awareness and stay in front of a targeted audience each and every day. While some people may be quick to say Twitter is dying, it’s still an invaluable resource for many businesses.